5 Things you can do to grow your brands Instagram followers organically

Read more about https://piedmontave.com/5-reasons-to-use-instagram-to-thrive-your-business/ here. It’s quite possible that one of the reasons many household names haven’t set up profiles on TikTok is because they don’t know what type of content to make. Overall, TikTok ads are quite similar to other paid social media ads, but they do have some quirks that marketers should be aware of. Because it hasn’t been as widely adopted by businesses, it retains more of the personalized flair that Instagram had before it became so commonly used for marketing. But when the intention is to increase the number of followers, the ad will have different content.

Rank them in order of importance and make sure your marketing plan is built around your number one goal. As you’re working towards your number one, the others will naturally begin to fall into place. The goal of creating awareness about your business seems like an obvious one, but this is more geared towards newer businesses. When Coca-Cola joined Instagram, they didn’t do it to create awareness about their business – everyone already knows who they are.

Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer. If you’re an artist, work religious imagery into your creations to reach potential buyers who share your faith. Create apps or video content specifically geared toward families with religious values.

Gross said 98% of her business comes from the platform after her brick-and-mortar store closed during the pandemic. … I still will get messages months after like, ‘Oh my god, I never saw this,'” Tokar said. “We exist because social media is broken,” explains founder and CEO of WeAre8, Sue Fennessy.

But when analyzing the Instagram performance of your visuals, and videos, keep your business goals in mind. When analyzing the results, it should be based on your expectations from your videos and other posts. So, put the content performance into the proper context of what you want to achieve. Ideally, your marketing department can help you with that. You could go a step further and use Instagram to determine the needs of your users.

You might consider rethinking how you communicate with audiences. Otherwise, you risk looking outdated and getting left behind. In the past, few people achieved success through creative endeavors. For example, a writer would work with a traditional publishing house, and a musician would need the backing of a record label.

It’s important to not only interact with new people to grow your following, but you also need to interact with your current followers to build their loyalty, and you need to post consistently. If you’re looking to increase your engagement, build trust and make creating content even easier, look no further than user-generated content. UGC is content that your followers, customers and fans create that you can then repurpose and publish on your page.

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