6 tips for marketing your small business on Instagram

Less new people will discover your posts, and it’s all downhill from there. Posts with a tagged location result in79% higher engagementthan posts without a tagged location. IGers perusing that geotag will find your post there as well. Use a mix of brand-specific, industry-specific, and trending hashtags.

And once you pinpoint what works best for your audience, you can easily integrate more of that content into your strategy. Read more about buy instagram followers here. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t include data about your follower growth, which is the number of followers you have gained or lost over a certain period of time. That being said, it isn’t too difficult to calculate this number manually. You can also use a third-party Instagram marketing app to do it for you. Instagram Insights will also tell you how many times your profile was viewed and the number of accounts that started following you.

That way, people get a taste of the kind of content you post and may be motivated to follow you. Future followers and customers trust the recommendations of friends, family, and connections. They’re more likely to believe the positive things your supporters say about your business than what you say about it. In other words, each piece of user-generated content is a vote of confidence that belongs to you and only you. A good deal of your Instagram growth will likely come from promoting your account on the platform itself, although we’ll also cover other places you can advertise it. So how can you get more eyes on your account and fingers tapping that follow button?

Maybe part of it is people being nosey, but this practice can also help promote your business too. Tag your location if you’re attending a conference or traveling to an out-of-state customer. If you’re a retailer who sells climbing equipment for example, post a picture hiking up a mountain and let your viewers know you were climbing Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks. Tagging your location lets viewers know that you have an interesting life and that you do and experience things. It can inspire them to then go out and have similar experiences, creating a positive association with your business. Using hashtags on Instagram for business can be a great way to gain more followers.

Relevant – they should have access to their Instagram Insights and be able to give you information on their audience. Ideally, they should have an audience that aligns with your ideal target market. So, where else can you find content, if not from your loyal fans? Well, you can always use free image sites likeUnsplashorPexels. You can also sign up for a paid subscription at companies likeiStock.

They post previews of the longer videos to news feed, so followers always know when a new tutorial is ready to watch. Even more important, your visual content needs to be compelling. Great photos are nice, but if they don’t tell a story, or get viewers excited, they’re not going to engage followers. Instagram is a visual medium, so your posts have simply got to look great. You don’t need professional photography equipment, but your photos and videos do need to be sharp, well-lit, well-composed, and in focus, at a minimum.

Hashtagging makes it easy for people searching for specific terms to find your photos. In order for your experiments to pay off, you need to analyze your engagement. As long as your page is set as a business profile, you’ll have access to Instagram’s free analytics tool . This tool will let you see detailed interaction data on your posts such as the number of saves, comments, shares and total impressions your content receives.

At the end of the day, mastering Instagram for business is ultimately about, well,business. The common thread between the biggest brands on Instagram is that they have some sort of narrative. Showing off their product and a satisfied customer as well? Between these actions as well as your own content calendar, it certainly pays to streamline your activity to save time. Running your Instagram for business doesn’t have to be a total time-sink.

To add to your Story as well as send directly to other users. Stories appear at the top of the Instagram feed and through your profile picture. To see who viewed your content, swipe up when viewing your Story. Amazing photography is no longer limited to those with professional cameras.

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