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These questions and more are ones that we field on a regular basis from our B2B commerce clients. At their core, all businesses sell to people – not to other businesses. Whether your expertise is business-to-business or business-to-consumer products or services, the approach to customers is becoming more and more similar. The trick is getting your message to the right people, at the right time and in the right way. Take a Truly Integrated Approach – To market at all is to market across all possible technologies simultaneously. Don’t separate the different marketing tools or channels at your command into their own little silos.

A provider of IT solutions for disaster recovery, Sungard Availability Services proved that B2B marketing doesn’t equate to boring with its Zombie survival kit. With an email to kick off its campaign and a Zombie Survival Kit giveaway on Facebook, Sungard found itself with metricsproving that bringing a little fun into B2B marketing has an impact. There’s a huge variety of approaches here – and new methods emerging constantly as technology evolves. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. That said, the fundamentals of what makes B2B marketing effective have remained constant no matter the medium. Now that you have a better idea of what B2B companies do and the customers they serve, let’s turn to the marketing.

B2C marketing can be more emotional, as many B2C purchase decisions are made more quickly. B2B event marketing happens any time a B2B company hosts or sponsors an event to promote its products or services. A marketing agency could host an exclusive dinner for VIP prospects, or a software company could host a party for a product launch.

To get your B2B sales enablement strategy off to a good start, clearly define and assign authority within your sales and marketing departments. Look for reputable agents of change who can champion the work – they will undoubtedly gain career accolades upon successful implementation of the new B2B sales enablement strategy. It will also support the B2B sales enablement team in determining what has worked and what has not. By examining previous performance indicators, you can set goals for where you’d like to improve and focus entirely on endeavors that will add value to the business and close more deals.

Today, this usually includes leveraging social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others to share relevant content in order to engage potential buyers or nurture existing ones. An ideal buyer persona is a fictional representation of the person your target audience would most identify with if they were buying from you. By understanding these buyers, you’ll better understand their motivations and what concerns they might have for your product or service. This will allow you to create content that appeals specifically to them, which attracts more customers and increases revenue for your business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that empathy and concentration on fostering connections will never become an outdated practice. As a customer success manager, your job is to assist salespeople in this particular space by providing an emotional touch while interacting with the customers. B2B customer support effectively comes down to the finer margins. Going through every aspect of your B2B customer service with a fine-toothed comb is a necessary first step. This exercise will help you map out the aspects of customer service that you need to focus on.

Increasingly, B2C customer service teams are proactively anticipating customer needs and are getting in touch before an issue occurs. The result is that more customers are converting to loyal advocates. When more than 60% of business customers consider third-party sites and feedback from business peers and social channels more important than conversations with a salesperson, the value of a loyal advocate is huge. Gathering customer feedback can help you know first-hand how the B2B customers feel about their experience, your products/services, and your company. Leveraging the real voice of customers can help you see the experience from their perspective. Moreover, customer feedback can help you understand the root cause of lead drop-offs or attrition and how you can overcome these hurdles.

With the help of the marketing manager, you make sure that the operations manager signs off on it and the IT manager gives her approval. When you want to give your sales performance a boost, sometimes you need to re-examine everything. There are four basic categories when it comes to B2B selling – producers, resellers, governments and institutions. It’s no longer as simple as waiting for prospects to come to you.

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