How to Market on Instagram

This may explain why the latter half of the week is the most popular time for scrolling through Instagram. During the weekend, users tend to avert their attention towards spending time with family and unwinding. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. Unlike Instagram’s predecessor Facebook, where posts can hang around and show up days or weeks later, the Instagram algorithm favors timely posts. The part of your brand’s story you want to share and the format you choose to share it in is up to you.

Reach out to those influencers either via Instagram DM or email expressing interest in working with them. Here is a short, useful step-by-step guide to rank higher in the search function. Share photos from your initial draft, places you went for inspiration and so on. In this article, Instagram expert Anand Srinivasan explains how Instagram book marketing works. We also feature an interview with screenwriter Max Marlow, who uses Instagram to find work. If you’re looking for decision-makers who have the power to hire your company, stock your product, or partner with you, LinkedIn is the place to be.

For marketers, these are more than just eye-catching numbers – they’re potential customers. And if you have a proper social media strategy, they can become realized customers. Social media is everywhere, but not all platforms work for every business.

Play with the GIFs, add music to your Stories, mention people, add hashtags, etc. But at the same time, your Instagram feed should reflect the purpose and image of your company as it will create uniformity. To implement your brand in a local area, opt for location-based hashtags. Hashtags are used in Instagram for users to track the content they are looking for. Gain new insights on what competitors are doing and new ways to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

At this point, you might begin to wonder how eBooks are different from white papers. Both are long-form pieces of content that aim to educate readers on a particular topic, but eBooks are less technical and usually more entertaining. White papers are indeed a great digital asset but are more suited for use at the consideration stage. A big challenge for many companies is tracking, measuring, and optimizing their marketing collateral. This is especially true when marketers use PDFs or other “static” formats.

As of February 2021, the US Instagram user count stands at 133,800,000. It’s an important channel for social media marketers stateside, with close to 40% of the US population using the platform. Instagram marketing stats show female users are prevailing by a larger share in the US than on a global level, accounting for 57.3% of Instagram’s US-based audience. Interestingly, over 500 million Instagram users also watch stories daily. The story feature allows capturing moments and sharing them for 24 hours only, after which they disappear. Text, photos, and videos can be shared as stories, with the option to add many details, such as music, stickers, GIFs, etc.

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