How to Promote a Clothing Store on Instagram

Premium themes are designed by experts and are usually more visually appealing than free ones. They also tend to have more features and functionality built into them and offer support options if you get stuck and need help. When you first install WordPress, your blog looks pretty basic and boring, but don’t worry. You’ll install a theme and some plugins to make it look amazing. After you’re done signing up, you’ll get an email with the login details for your web hosting control panel.

You have to follow Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. But before we talk about how to sell, let’s make sure you’re able to sell in the first place. Resource Library Research and insights that will help guide you to success on social. Call to action for the button text to encourage users to make a purchase.

You will need to become an expert on all-things-Oakley before you can apply. This brand is more bohemian-style; they sell tops, dresses, pants, jewelry, accessories, and even have certain collections you can shop from. This brand sells apparel to raise awareness about environmental issues.

FashionGo is one example of a market for wholesale products. Nolo offers hundreds of consumer-friendly do-it-yourself legal products written in plain English. Offer a larger return on investment to brands and advertisers. You can also register with an agency, like IMA or Audiencly, to help you connect wIth brands. When you’ve started to see some interaction from them, you can slide into their DMs to see if they’re interested in working together. 30,000 1-minute views for 3-minute videos in the last 60 days.

This might be a free item from your clothing line or discounts on future purchases. Reach out to those who have large social media followings, as they can help expose your brand to an extensive audience. You’ll likely fare best if you sell beauty, health, fitness, pet, fashion, travel, business or lifestyle products. These categories are consistently the highest sellers on Instagram.

When you announce that you’re giving away a prize, you should attract the attention of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of new followers. There’s nothing to lose – you just tag a couple of friends, like a post, and maybe share it on your Instastories, and you’re in with a chance of winning a cool prize. The worse your engagement, the more likely a brand is to think that you’ve bought fake followers. Again, there’s no manual that tells you how much to charge on Instagram, which makes it all the more difficult. If all influencers followed the same guidelines, it wouldn’t be so hard to decide on your own rates. You can look online for example media kits for influencers if you’re unsure how yours should look.

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