How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

You might already know you can tag people in your Instagram posts as you post new content. Now, you can tag products — and direct your viewers to a product page to buy what they saw. Then, update that URL frequently to point to your latest blog content, YouTube video, product, or offer. Hashtagging your posts with these words can expose your content to the people browsing these topics, but you can also use them in your Instagram name and bio to promote your profile.

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Business accounts offer extra features that allow you to expand your profile, track content performance, and sell on Instagram. This is of course the perfect audience to put your post in front of. In fact, a study by Simply Measured showed that posts with one hashtag or more on average have over 12% higher engagement that those who don’t include hashtags. Let’s then dive into the 7 secrets to salon Instagram captions that grow your followers and engagement. If you’re post bring one or more of those things, people will find your Instagram account valuable and you will attract more followers and engagement.

In this episode, Adam Stott shares the five pillars of business that you as a business owner need to work on. He explains how to get your message out to your ideal client down to making sure you have enough profit to continue and grow your business. Adam discussed these five areas that they focus on during the successful three-day business event in Manchester. In this episode, Adam shares his learning from reading Will Smith’s autobiography.

Customers are more likely to purchase products when they have been recommended by friends, peers or trusted public figures. This is why influencer marketing has become such a popular choice for brands. It might shock you, but posts with only one hashtag typically receive higher average engagement than posts with 5-10 hashtags. This shows that selecting a few carefully chosen hashtags that capture your target audience works better than simply using the most popular hashtags. Your images are the main selling point for your products on Insta, and your feed must include photographs that draw users in.

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