How to Start a Successful YouTube Cooking Channel

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One way to find them is to type in your subject to the YouTube search box then see what comes up. Many podcasts are likely to appreciate the proactive outreach. Any who take you up on the offer will make for a great promotion opportunity for your new show. The transcript is great for SEO benefits and as a place to collect leads .

For example, if you make a video about lightning bugs, you may want to consider calling them “fireflies” in the title if that’s the more popular search term. Try out Google Trends to see how your keywords stack up. Keep in mind that you don’t need to limit yourself to music related content with your videos. You can create vlogs, rig rundowns, product reviews, interviews, and more.

With barter promotion, you promote another creator’s channel for free in exchange for a similar promotion. Social media activities like managing your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts will help you divert the reach from one platform to the other. Engaging the audience with your content can be a little challenging. However, asking questions or opinions or even asking them to comment below could be a perfect way to market your content. And that’s exactly what the brands do to market their products and services. Having a smooth communication and interaction with your audience and viewers can increase the views, eventually allowing you to rank on the top of the searches.

Get familiar with these specs so that you don’t end up producing a video you can’t even upload. Anyone can write and publish a story or blog post on Medium, and other users find, comment, applaud, and interact with articles and authors. Even if you have your own blog, networking and publishing on Medium to increase visibility for your business and attract more traffic to your site. Creating and editing quality content to include key search phrases and increasing your linkbacks – the number of links your website gets from other sites.

Radio is far from dead and can be a very effective way of targeting your potential customers. Whether you’re using direct mail or email, this will work for both. And once you’ve written one, be sure to learn how to maximize the responseto your sales letter. Save money by learning how to properly prepare for a trade show before you attend any.

Religiously follow trends and find ways on how your business can connect with them in the most natural way. And then, make your move on the right platforms to get the most out of them. You can also try using the local search platforms in your favor to promote your business. Simply set up profiles on apps and websites that provide information about locations like Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. Then, maintain those profiles by keeping all the vital info about your biz up-to-date so that more people can find it easily. The best way to promote your business is not to sound salsey.

If your video file size is larger than the limit, you can try compressing it in video-editing software. Remember that you shouldn’t use YouTube as your primary hosting provider — since then, it would just be a YouTube channel, not a podcast. A YouTube channel has its uses, but if you went this route, you wouldn’t be able to maximize your podcast’s reach by pushing it out to other podcast platforms. Finally, you may decide to record your podcast with an external camera or two. Many people who conduct in-person interviews or conversations choose this setup.

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