Lab Created Diamonds Are Now Exceedingly Good

Once we think of valuable gems, we usually spare little thought to the hard work that it takes to bring them to us in the beautiful jewelry that we like to wear, however diamond mining is, actually, an expensive and dangerous procedure, mirrored to the consumer in the price that should be paid to own one. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there have been some way to recreate that very same brilliance and sweetness in a less harmful, and hence less expensive way? At the moment’s technological innovations imply that this does not need to be a pipe dream any longer – with lab created diamonds, we are able to wear stunning gems produced by the intelligence of mankind, rather than the trials and tribulations of nature, and without the expense that mining brings. Lab created diamonds are now very good and becoming as standard as the real thing.

The popularity of diamonds have urged consultants to try to find more value effective ways of providing the brilliance of the stone in our jewelry, and over the years there have been many alternatives to diamonds put forward, including lower glass, rhinestones and cubic zirconium. While these have proved satisfactory for some functions, these lab created diamonds have consistently lacked the brilliance and fantastic thing about a real diamond. This was until the discovery of moissanite in meteor fragments, and the realisation that moissanite could be reproduced in managed circumstances, leading to the dawn of lab made diamonds.

It was discovered in 1995 that moissanite could be reproduced under laboratory conditions, and the distinctive fantastic thing about the stone made scientists realize that there would be an enormous market for these lab created diamonds. While the problem involved in growing these lab made diamonds stays quite high, the price for moissanite jewelry is higher than you may anticipate in a diamond substitute, however at this time, many gemmologists consider the moissanite stone to be a gem in and of its own right. Unlike previous substitutes, moissanite is in many ways superior to diamonds, with more sparkle and brightness that the mined gem.

Beforehand, selecting a gem that looked like a diamond but wasn’t one was seen as a step down, a compromise, however with the quality of in the present day’s lab created diamonds, this is no longer the case. So take advantage of in the present day’s great moissanite costs while they last, because sometime soon, the brilliant sparkle of this stone will make lab made diamonds even more sought after than the ‘real thing’.

Lab created diamonds, and Moissanite in particular, are now as good because the real thing.

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