The Absolute Best Fantasy Movies on Netflix

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 doesn’t have a massive collection of fantasy flicks, but you can find several charming (and video bokep perawan indonesia eclectic) gems. Many combine the fantastical with real-world struggles, video bokep terbaru indonesia including the remarkable Closet Monster. Or dive right into the high fantasy realm with The Golden Compass, based on Philip Pullman’s classic novels.

Hopefully you’ll find an intriguing gem below.

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Closet Monster (2015)

Unlocking multiple genres, video bokep indonesia 2021 Closet Monster uses its fantasy elements to open the door video bokep mesum indonesia to a fresh and video bokep indonesia moving coming-of-age tale. Scarred by witnessing a homophobic attack, closeted and video porn indonesia imaginative teenager Oscar must grapple with his feelings for Wilder. Be warned, video bokep jepang subtitle indonesia Closet Monster splices David Cronenberg levels of body horror video viral bokep indonesia into its bigger picture about internalized homophobia. Capped by Connor Jessup’s superb performance, video bokep abg indonesia Closet Monster an indie gem.


Nightbooks (2021)

Co-produced by Sam Raimi, this dark fantasy is inscribed with top horror download video bokep indonesia credentials. Still aimed at younger viewers, video bokep indonesia cantik Nightbooks leafs through a mystery about a young boy who must figure out how to escape a magical apartment owned by Krysten Ritter’s witch Natacha. A tomb of fun.

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Pan (2015)

This 2015 movie dove into the origin of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. It features Garrett Hedlund as Hook, video bokep indonesia live and video bokep indonesia High Jackman as Blackbeard the pirate.


The Old Guard (2020)

Technically a superhero film, The Old Guard brings a swath of impressive action scenes, popping off with each of star Charlize Theron’s gunshots. Theron plays Andy, video bokep indonesia viral leader of a group of immortal mercenaries, video bokep indonesia 2021 including a knight who fought in the Crusades. The centuries-old warriors head out on a revenge mission, bringing progressive heroes and slick fights, xxx video bokep indonesia although it can’t dodge every cliché.


The Water Man (2020)

The Water Man won’t be for video bokep indonesia terbaru 2022 everyone. More drama than pure fantasy, this family friendly adventure deals with themes such as grief, video viral bokep indonesia loss and friendship. Eleven-year-old Gunner and his family move to a new town, video bokep indonesia terbaru 2022 where the bookworm must deal with not only a lack of friends but also a harsh father and a mother suffering from leukemia. His escapism takes him to a fairy tale forest, where his imagination comes alive. An adventurous tale dealing with bigger issues.

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A Monster Calls (2016)

This dark fantasy drama comes from Spanish director video bokep subtitle indonesia J.A. Bayona, who’s since branched off into huge franchise chapters, including Jurassic World: video 3gp bokep indonesia Fallen Kingdom and streaming video bokep indonesia the first two episodes of Prime video bokep artis indonesia‘s upcoming Lord of the Rings series. But perhaps his best work is centered on coming-of-age tales; A Monster Calls follows a troubled young boy who encounters a tree that promises to tell him three stories, video bokep live indonesia as long as Connor tells him one in return. With roots in darker themes, video bokep viral indonesia one of them being death, A Monster Calls is a smart, situs video bokep indonesia moving fantasy tale.


Errementari (2017)

Errementari, video bokep subtitle indonesia translated from Basque as The Blacksmith, is a horror video porn indonesia fantasy about a deal with the devil. In northern Spain during the 1830s, video bokep indonesia jilbab a blacksmith holds a demon in captivity, until an orphan girl unwittingly releases it. War, murder, kidnapping, video bokep indonesia 2016 suicide and video bokep tante indonesia more await you in the furnace of this hellish horror with surprising lashings of dark comedy.

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Big Fish (2003)

Settle in for video bokep remaja indonesia a fantastical tale that may or may not be true. Will Bloom (Billy Crudup) visits his dying father, video 3gp bokep indonesia whose exciting, impossible stories about his life begin to take on credibility. This sprawling, video bokep viral indonesia Tim Burton-directed adventure takes us back to Edward Bloom’s (Ewan McGregor) youth, video gratis bokep indonesia where we see his stories play out for ourselves. With witches, a circus and video bokep indonesia terbaru 2021 bank robberies, video bokep gay indonesia Big Fish is a charming prize catch.


The Sea Beast (2022)

The Sea Beast joins Netflix’s collection of stellar family-friendly animated adventures. A young girl named Maisie (Zaris-Angel Hator) stows away on the ship of sea monster hunter Captain Crow (Jared Harris), video bokep indonesia 2018 becoming wrapped up in a thrilling journey through uncharted waters. Bringing originality to the high seas and swashbuckling characters, porn video indonesia The Sea Beast is a must-watch chapter of enchanting fantasy.

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Dark Shadows (2012)

It’s not the greatest Tim Burton entry, video bokep indonesia com but Dark Shadows offers another opportunity to admire the director’s trademark gothic visual style. Based on the soap opera of the same name, the comedy horror download video bokep gratis indonesia follows a rich playboy who unwisely breaks the heart of a witch (Eva Green). She turns him into a vampire and video porn indonesia terbaru buries him alive. Two centuries later, Barnabas (Johnny Depp) emerges, video bokep jepang subtitle indonesia discovering the world of the ’70s while harboring a taste for video bokep indonesia 2016 revenge. Though the characters and video bokep pelajar indonesia plot could be fleshed out significantly, video bokep indonesia live Dark Shadows boasts a stellar cast, video bokep perawan indonesia including Michelle Pfeiffer and video porn indonesia Helena Bonham Carter. Plus, video bokep pelajar indonesia it gives you Barnabus’ hilarious fish-out-of-water reactions to ’70s pop culture.

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The Golden Compass (2007)

Fans of Philip Pullman’s classic fantasy novel series are probably better served by HBO’s TV show adaptation. But The Golden Compass, video bokep asli indonesia based on the first book, video bokep mesum indonesia is a solid chapter with generous doses of fantasy escapism. Follow Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards), a young adventurer who embarks on a journey from the esteemed halls of Oxford colleges to the kingdom of the Ice Bears in the frozen north. Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eva Green round out a rich cast.


A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

A Christmas cracker delivering heapings of holiday spirit. A Boy Called Christmas won’t win any awards for video bokep gay indonesia originality, but it certainly delivers what it says on the tin. Young Nikolas embarks on a quest to find the fabled village of the elves, video bokep indonesia terbaru 2022 with his pal Blitzen in tow. No prizes for predicting the gift-giving shenanigans that ensue.

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