The Quick Guide to Using Instagram to Grow Your Personal Trainer Business

For that purpose, let’s discuss the most popular choices. Below we are sharing a list of 25 business ideas that you can run using only Instagram without spending all your life savings on it. If you start a business on Instagram, it doesn’t have to be your full-time job.

Don’t just rely on this blogger’s reputation and prepare something interesting and unique, so that people will want to follow you because of your knowledge and authority. Moreover, you could test your new videos through YouTube to see what content is more popular among your audience before adding them to your product selection. That’s why your personal brand and building an audience should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. But, you still need to be extra careful to count in all expenses, including the time you’ve spent creating them.

Hashtags can include letters and numbers, but they can’t contain any non-numerical characters. For example, #DaveAndBusters works as a hashtag, but #Dave&Busters does not. Optionally, choose to share the post to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Think of your Instagram goals like your fitness goals, once you know where you’re going, you’ll be able to find the activities to get you there over time. Invite them to try a complimentary session with you or to buy something you are selling. Instagram is a great tool for growing your business, but be cognizant of your time. It’s easy to get lost “down the rabbit hole” scrolling through other’s posts for an hour or more. Many accounts that rock out at multiple hundreds of thousands of ‘followers’ only have a fraction of those people on their own database independent of Instagram…. Many of the people who ‘lost’ their accounts have gotten them back in time, but this is still not a stable business strategy to me.

Of course, you still need your followers to visit the affiliate website on their own. Sure, you can follow a planned marketing strategy, but Instagram followers love it when you’re true to your authentic self. As you share pictures and build your influence organically, relevant brands are likely to come knocking, rather than the other way round. “Many trainers intentionally exclude trans/non-binary folks in their practice”That has helped them build big followings.

Powerlifter and trainer Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) is all-world in audience engagement. Check out his posts and you’ll find valuable, clear information on a consistent basis. You’ll learn a lot, of course, and they might follow you back and engage with you. This can help grow your audience and drive people to your content. Content and credibility as an athlete and coach are why people follow me.

Most successful fitness brands and trainers have started sharing posts of healthy meals, but you can take it a step further and get an edge over them. Tone It Up is a YouTube channel that ran popular fitness influencers, Karena and Katrina. The Channel features videos ranging from 10-minutes sessions to marathon workouts in addition to meal plans and nutrition tips. Joanna Soh is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist coach, and women’s fitness specialist. Her YouTube channel offers workout videos and ideas, nutrition tips and advice on healthy eating, as well as recipes. Scott Herman is a fitness influencer on YouTube posting instructional workout videos.

We don’t want you posting a super grainy, dark photo of you in the dark. Maybe it’s an early morning workout or a late night run or something and then the next photo is a flat lay on your white desk. That’s why quality photos are the foundation of your content. While a smartphone is ok, it’s sometimes better to invest in a professional camera.

Other options are using influencer marketing, which is in popular demand now. Choose your fitness bloggers and influencers with high engagement value to get the right response for your brand. Read more about here. Stories appear right on top of the main feed on the Instagram page and have a lifespan of 24 hours. This creates a fear of missing out, or FOMO, and makes sure viewers check out your story for the day!.

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