The Traits of Business Administration

All activities performed by a manger to get things performed via others are known as management. In other words, management is to handle human and different resources tactfully for the achievement of organizational goals. It is common in all organized activities. It’s an train of harmonizing males, money, machines, supplies and strategies towards fulfilling the defined objectives.

Check our list of characteristics of business management

Goal oriented

Each organization is established for a specific objective. Management is an instrument or system that contributes for the environment friendly use of human and other resources to achieve predetermined objectives. The primary objective of enterprise management is to maximize productivity with optimum use of human effort.

Universal activity

Administration is essential where human activity exists. The process of business administration may be different from organization to group but the primary ideas of management are same. It can be said that the administration rules are universally applicable.

Social process

Enterprise management is a part of social process. Management achieves its goals by, with, and through the people. It makes use of human resources for the achievement of organizational goals. Management has to consider not only the organizational objectives but additionally the social objectives. It has to fulfill the needs of staff within the organizational resources.

Dynamic/modifiable activity

Management is a dynamic and continuous process. The management system of at the moment might not be applicable or efficient for tomorrow. Due to this fact, administration should be dynamic and versatile with the changing surroundings of the society. Management has to change its type according to the time and situation. This flexibility is essential for an organization to adjust with the changing surroundings of the business.

Group activity

The concept of business administration isn’t applicable if there is only one individual or proprietor. It represents a staff, class or part of individuals involved in various managerial functions. It is essential if there’s a group of people concerned in performing any activity to achieve widespread goals. Management defines the writerity, responsibility and procedures to perform particular work.

Distinct process

Management as a process involves varied types of functions. One operate of management is interrelated with one other function. The administration clearly defines the specific process of work to achieve predetermined goal. It does not consider the trial and error approach.

Each science and artwork

Science is a systematized body of knowledge, principal or reality that’s experimentally proved. Similarly, art is the personal skill and ability to apply the scientific principles. Management is both science and art. It’s a science because it is based on some basic rules of universal application. Additionally it is an artwork because skill and ability is required for performing managerial functions.

A profession

Profession involves the specific type of work, adopted by special knowledge and education. With the development of joint stock corporations and multinational corporations the ownership and administration has been different. Administration of giant organizations has been entrusted in the arms of professionals having particular skill and knowledge.

Multi-disciplinary in nature

Business administration is multi-disciplinary in nature. Lots of the principles and techniques used in administration are borrowed form a number of other disciples like psychology, sociology, economics and mathematics.

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