Top 12 Best Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel

If you’re using YouTube for business, you need to understand YouTube Analytics. Whether you plan to make money directly from your YouTube content or simply use YouTube as a marketing platform, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. Taking a point from our algorithm blog, the title and thumbnail are the most important aspects of your video. Only settled creators take risks with their content variety. They can take that risk only because of an extremely loyal user base and years of experience with the platform. Despite that, there have been so many creators who have failed at this and reverted to their original content.

Today I’m going to show you how to grow your YouTube channel in 2022. While Youtube counts anything over 30 seconds as a view, there are benefits to getting viewers to stick around longer. Give your fans a chance to help spread the good word about your work by enabling embedding. The more fresh eyeballs see your video, the more views you rack up . “Audience engagement” is just another term for building relationships.

At the top of the page there’ll be a graph of your watch time in general, and if you scroll down you’ll see a list of your videos ranked by watch time. The best performing ones will be at the top and, to see more stats related to these high-performing videos, simply click on their titles. Afterwards, you’ll be able to click around the different sections in your Analytics and see reports relating to the specific video you clicked on. One of the newest additions to the YouTube Analytics game, BuzzSumo, has become a popular choice among the sea of YouTube creators.

This fantastic analytics tool can help you check a lot of useful YouTube stats, including your watch time. You can embed your YouTube channel and all of your videos on your website. Another great way to increase your watch time on YouTube is to improve the SEO for your videos. Once you’ve done all this, you can start posting your video content regularly. After all, channels that post at least 1 video per week get better results. While your YouTube traffic report gives a good overview of traffic sources, adding Google Analytics is always a great addition for more in depth insights.

• 70 percent of millennials have watched YouTube videos in order to learn about something or how to do something new. Read more about buy youtube subscribers here. • Over half of all internet users in the U.S. over 74 years of age watch YouTube videos. • In an average week, more adults under the age of 50 watch YouTube on their mobile devices more than any cable or network TV channel.

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