What’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter? 2022 Update

Establishing a conversational or personified brand voice can be especially beneficial for B2B companies who want to incorporate Twitter best practices. Read more about https://www.sisidunia.com/31/how-to-become-popular-on-twitter-in-2022/ here. A lighter, more casual tone can liven up dry or technical content and allow it to stand out in the feed. Twitter is important for an endless number of reasons, but two of the primary reasons are its outsized impact on the news and its ability to aggregate and respond to voluminous data.

As Twitter’s popularity increased, the number of interactions conducted between customers and brands on the platform did too. With hundreds of millions of people trying to get the attention of large companies, developers had to find a way to keep up with demand. Twitter bots have become a standard in customer services on the platform. All of these focus areas means brands can have multiple, and sometimes competing, priorities on Twitter. There’s still time to join the app and start engaging your target audience. So whether you’re B2B, B2C or a digital creator, your opportunities on TikTok are endless.

This involves knowing what needs to be accomplished and how it will be done. If the goal is to increase your followers, you need to know how to promote and advertise on Twitter. According to aTwitter report, people aged 18 to 35 who use the platform, are more likely to be passionate about a brand aligning with their culture than any other platform.

You’ll also need to get specific about which metrics you’ll use to measure progress and how often you’ll check in with goals. Remember that there are a ton of different metrics available but not all of them will be applicable to your particular goals. The example below shows a total of 21 retweets on Neil Patel’s tweet.

All you need to do is include your brand name among the list of keywords to search. Plus, Mention has an in-built influencer score so you can easily identify the most important influencers for your brand. And from the search results, you can easily view stats such as page authority, domain authority, follower count, retweet ratio, and more.

Next, optimize your Twitter bio that is 160-character long. Use this space smartly to introduce your brand to your audience and add links to your website. Craft a compelling bio for your brand to hook your audience.

While not every business has the time or resources to be active on the platform, if you do decide to harness the network’s benefits, you can start defining your strategies. When someone visits your page, the header image is the most dominant part of your profile. You want an image that showcases your business, and some brands even change their header to match their latest campaigns or product releases. For Freelancers & Agencies Join our community for freelancers and agencies to unlock tools for managing clients and perks to grow your business. Marketing Library Explore our collection of resources to help build your business and boost your digital marketing.

If you have other social media accounts, be sure to promote your page on them. You can add a link to your page in your bio on Instagram or Facebook, or you can share your tweets on those platforms. This will help you get more fans and friends from your other social networks.

Always make sure to add a link to your website, landing page, or a specific product you want to sell. If you don’t, you might lose important leads and website traffic. As you can see, the search has returned multiple keywords along with their search volumes, trend, CPC, and competition. There are some keywords with a negative trend that you probably should avoid as lesser people are searching for those terms on Twitter now. Now, don’t let all this discourage you because we will tell you all the crucial steps you need to take to optimize your profile for Twitter SEO.

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